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Sad Cat Is Adopted And We Hear Him Purr For The First Time

A lot of cats get abandoned every day, and when you save just one it might feel like a tiny step for the world, but believe me, it is a giant leap for that cat!

I saw this video the other day and it broke my heart. This woman, named Sandra, came across a video of the saddest-looking cat I’ve ever seen. I believe she was as heartbroken as me, since she adopted him without thinking twice.

Just look at Bruce, even he looks heartbroken…

Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
Sandra came across a post on Instagram, and she says:

“It was a video of a cat named Bruce Willis. It said that he was a former tomcat, who had likely lived outside for several years. Yeah, you can just see it on his face that he had lived a rough life, and it just broke my heart.”

Sandra just had to go and claim him! She was extremely saddened by this cat’s sad life and she immediately got out of her chair, into her car, and drove straight to the shelter!

You can see how scared and confused Bruce looked when he first stepped out of his carrier into his new home. If you listen closely, right at 1:42 you can hear Bruce purr for the first time! My eyes filled with tears when I first heard it.

I just fell in love with this cute ginger cat and I immediately started following him on Instagram. Every time Sandra posts something on their profile, it makes my day!

Sandra went to the shelter a few times to visit Bruce while they set up all the necessary papers and health checks before she could actually adopt him. See how Bruce looked when she visited for the third time.

Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
Just heartbreaking! Luckily, he was healthy soon after and ready to go to his new furever home. Just look at him now!

adopted cat lying on bed
Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
I believe Sandra is so much happier now that she has a friend like Bruce in her life. And I am sure that Bruce is loving his new life. Just look at the beautiful indoor kitty he’s become.

Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
Such a beautiful boy!

I am always shocked by how many pets are left on the street, and I simply cannot comprehend what happens inside the minds of people who are capable of abandoning an innocent little cat.

I could never imagine leaving my boys. I understand that sometimes people hit a rough patch, but then you arrange things with a friend or a local shelter.

This poor cat lived in the streets before an animal humane society picked him up and put him up for adoption.

Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
Just look at him now, such a beautiful and well-behaved cat.

Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
It just makes my day and gives me hope when I see that there are people like Sandra out there. People with kind hearts, who are willing to help those in need and rescue innocent creatures like Bruce.

Here’s Willis sending you a kiss!

Photo from:@mrwillisthecat
We’ve seen how sad Bruce looked and we have witnessed his first purrs. But worry not, because, from that moment on, he hasn’t stopped purring!

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